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Why you SHOULD use Captch'ads

Really easy to use

Easy to install for Webmasters, simple as a copy paste !

Easy to setup for Advertisers, create, configure and launch your campaign in fews clicks !

Easy to use for Visitors, any human from 5 years old can solve our captchas !

Be visible advertisers !

Configure the targets for your campaign : Country, Thematics, Devices, etc...

Set your price in CPS (CPS = Cost per solve).

Define your campaign type : Captch'n Slide, Captch'n Type (image, gif or video), etc...

Set your desired capping.

No expensive minimum amount to charge your account, the minimum is only 20 € !

Earn money webmasters !

Add your website by entering URL and complete the easy ownership verification.

Use our code generator to get code you will can place in your website.

Just wait for your website be manually reviewed (maximum of 24H) and start to earn money when it will be validated !¹

Reliable and convenient service

Anti adblocker service to optimize both Webmasters earnings and Advertisers visibility.

Mobile friendly captchas !

One account, two uses !

This system let you use our service more easily, especially if you are Webmaster and Advertiser at same time !²

Then you can use directly your earnings as Webmaster to create campaigns on your Advertiser area !

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1. During the time when you wait approval of your website, our captchas will be displayed, they don't give you any money but they let you test the system until your website approbation.

2. Obviously the system will not show your ads on your own websites.